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Tuesday, June 21, 2022 by Robinhood Snacks |

Falling far from the tree... Apple’s supply chain. The Fruit’s sleek gadgets are nearly all manufactured in China. But China's work-stopping zero-Covid policy could cost Apple $8B in sales this quarter. Now some businesses are fleeing the country: Foxconn, the company that assembles most iPhones, is moving more of its production to nearby Vietnam and Taiwan. A wider manufacturing exodus could hurt China’s economy, which is already on pace for its slowest annual growth in decades.

The biggest pro sports matchup… is happening off the field. Streamers are seeing live sports as a key to turn fickle viewers into loyal fans. Last week Apple signed an exclusive $2.5B deal to stream all Major League Soccer for 10 years, the first time a full US pro season will be streamable in one place (+ cable). This year Amazon and Apple will stream some NFL and MLB games. Disney and Sony fought to stream India’s pro cricket league (but lost their bids). And Netflix, which is losing subs, is racing Amazon and NBC for Formula One rights.