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_"Big Tech 5" earnings are now in session  [Donald Iain Smith via GettyImages]_

"Big Tech 5" earnings are now in session [Donald Iain Smith via GettyImages]

Last Week’s Market Moves
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$49,742 (-19.70%)

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"Nomadland" won Best Picture at the Oscars — and Netflix won in general. This week is the Big Tech Oscars: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook drop earnings. They're trying for Best Actor in a Revenue-Generating Role.

Stocks dipped for the week, on reports that President Biden is considering hiking capital gains taxes on the wealthy. On Friday, US health regulators said J&J Covid vaccinations can and should resume.

1. Biden's first 100 days: the biggest moves affecting the economy and the markets

100 days later... (in SpongeBob voice). This Thursday marks President Biden's 100th day in office. We’ve seen big changes since Inauguration Day — so we're zooming out on Biden's first 100 days through the lens of the economy and business:

  1. The Big Stimulus: Biden campaigned on it, but we didn't expect how massive it would be. The $1.9T package was more than twice as big as the 2009 recession package. $1.4K checks fueled a rebound in "revenge spending," and boosted economic growth expectations.

  2. The Vax Rollout: Biden pledged an achievable target of 100M shots in his first 100 days. 230M shots have already hit American arms. Biden expanded eligibility to all adults, speeding up biz reopenings — and boosting spending on travel and restaurants. Now, the US is providing vax supplies to India, where Covid is surging.

  3. Infrastructure Makeover: Biden unveiled a $2.3T proposal to give America's infrastructure a major facelift. It would be the biggest federal program since the '60s Space Race, and could boost construction-related companies.

  4. Serious Tax Hikes: Biden's infrastructure plan requires bumping the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%. He also wants to raise income taxes on the wealthy, and reportedly, nearly double taxes on investment gains to ~40% (for people earning $1M+). Stocks and Bitcoin plunged on the reports.

  5. Green Push: Pre-election, Biden pledged $2T to clean energy. His infrastructure plan includes EV rebates and 500K electric vehicle chargers. He also unveiled a new target to slash US emissions by 2030. That could boost EV makers and clean energy companies.


Biden went big... His first 100 days brought the biggest step-change in the role of government since LBJ. While Biden ran as a centrist, his policies have been more left-leaning than expected. But it's TBD what he'll be able to achieve with Dems’ slim majority in Congress. The infrastructure bill may not fly — ditto for the tax hikes. Going forward, we'll see if these could pass without GOP support. Also top of mind: whether stricter regulation could hit Big Tech and finance.


Big Tech earnings... drop together. Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter report quarterly earnings this week. Big deal, since those first five companies make up ~17% of the stock market's value. Earnings will be compared to a year ago, when people flocked to tech to survive #LockdownLife. The vax rollout could mean less phone-scrolling and online-ordering. We'll see if reopenings affected results.

EV earnings... Nio (aka: the "Tesla of China") reports Thursday, and Tesla (the "Tesla of Tesla") reports today. Electric vehicle sales have been thriving globally: Tesla already revealed a record 185K deliveries last quarter, while Nio delivered a record ~20K cars (a fraction of Tesla's). Buuuut: Tesla is facing increasingly real competition from Chinese EV makers — and OGs like Volkswagen and GM. We'll see if that impacted sales.

Zoom Out

Pod battle intensifies... Last week, Apple unveiled a slate of (colorful) products. The headliner was AirTags, fancy Bluetooth buttons for tracking valuables. But the Fruit dropped something else that could be big: paid pod subscriptions, for ad-free listening and exclusive content. We'll see if Spotify, which has invested big in pods, will launch its own subs to lure creators.

SpaceX takes flight (again)... Last Friday, Elon Musk's SpaceX launched four NASA astronauts to the International Space Station in its third-ever crewed flight. This month, SpaceX also won a $2.9B NASA contract to build a lunar landing system, beating out Bezos' Blue Origin. NASA's on a mission to commercialize space travel (think: Hotel ISS), and SpaceX is playing an increasingly big role.

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  • Dogecoin's rally: The joke, the rise, and the punchline of Doge's massive rally.

  • Rising prices: Spending more on your PB&J? Consumer goods companies like General Mills are raising prices for the first time since 2018.

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  • Thursday: Weekly jobless claims. Earnings expected from Amazon, Twitter, Nio, Mastercard, Altria, and Caterpillar. US reveals first set of GDP data for first quarter of 2021
  • Friday: Disneyland parks reopen in CA. Earnings expected from Exxon, AstraZeneca, and Chevron

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