Shopify threatens the Amazon Empire with a game-changing app (and yawn-inducing name)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 by Robinhood Snacks |
_A New Hope Against the Amazon Empire_

A New Hope Against the Amazon Empire

Darth Bezos feels a disturbance... over Shopify's newly-launched, 100% anti-Amazon shopping app. You've probably used Shopify without even knowing it — it powers the ecommerce sales of over 1M businesses, from small mom-and-pop shops to big names like Kylie Cosmetics, Lindt, and Chubbies.

  • Out-of-the-box online store: Shopify's main biz. Need to move your soy wax candle sales online? A Shopify subscription gives you access to its cloud-based shopping cart solution, so you can sell, ship, and manage your candle sales minus extra grunt work.
  • Timely biz model: Shopify's ready-made online store offering is especially important during lockdown — stores that have been forced to close are quickly moving online.

So simple it's brilliant?... Shopify's new consumer-facing shopping app, anticlimactically called: "Shop." Shopify has a bunch of juicy data on products you've bought from its customers (aka other online shops) — with this app, it can aggregate all your fave stores in one place and make spot-on recs:

  • Scroll: Like a hybrid of Amazon and Instagram, Shop lets you scroll through a feed of products it recommends based on your previous buy (try the Shady Matte Lip Kit, Jenny).
  • Follow: Literally "follow" companies on the app like you would influencers.
  • Buy: Once you've seen the pink alligator Chubbies trunks of your dreams, you can make a one-click purchase through Shop Pay.
  • Track: Track all your packages in Shop — Shopify's old package-tracking app was already being used by 16M peeps. Now Shop wants even more.

Shop is the Rebel Alliance... to Amazon's empire. It's a hope for small retailers to gain leverage against the monolithic behemoth that controls around 50% of US online shopping. Before, Shopify was only empowering businesses to go online independently — now, it's urging them to unite under the Shop umbrella. Shop's biggest challenge: The friction of convincing you to download a new app.