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_Chipotle's new product unveil: the e-rrito plus_

Chipotle's new product unveil: the e-rrito plus

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Stocks jumped Wednesday as some solid earnings lifted investor morale. We're looking at you, Netflix and Chipotle.


1. Netflix’s obsessive content-hoarding ways help it slay the subscriber game

So like, did Carole do it?... Asked the 34M people who streamed “Tiger King” in its first 10 days. We know Netflix has been benefitting from the lockdown economy — it’s practically the epitome of a “stay-at-home” stock. But its quarterly numbers shocked even the biggest optimists:

  • 15.8M: The number of new paying subscribers that Netflix added this quarter — over double the 7.2M expected.
  • 182M: Netflix's total paying subscribers worldwide — that fresh Flix user base is 22% larger now than it was a year ago. Oh, and it doesn’t include moochers or password sharers.

“I just finished Netflix”… Highly unlikely. Those new shows “magically” appearing on Netflix during quarantine?… That warm feeling that Netflix will continue releasing thrilling Spanish-language series even when the world ends? All part of the plan...

  • Netflix is like that paranoid neighbor hoarding 10K cans of corn in the basement — except Netflix hoards content, throwing anything it can get its hands on into the cart. No one is laughing at these hoarders now.
  • While film/TV production is paused, Netflix has a fat pile of already-produced content so it can premier fresh shows/movies for the next 2 years, according to the CEO. Netflix gets to keep launching new shows, while actually producing zero.

The more you grow now, the slower you grow later... Just like the growth spurt you had as a kid, Netflix is having a major growth spurt in the lockdown economy — but it's not likely to last at this crazy pace. Netflix already takes up 72% of home streaming time. The new subs it's gaining now will likely take away from its future growth. Plus, people who aren't getting on the Netflix bandwagon during lockdown will probably never get on at all.


Guac is virtual... Chipotle was feeling the pain of the corona-crisis: after two months of double-digit growth, its sales dropped 35% during the last week of March. But the burrito legend stuck to its guns and saw the bowl half full — it even bumped hourly employee pay by 10% and doled out bonuses. Most importantly, though... it went extra digital this quarter:

  • 3%: How much Chipotle’s same-store sales increased.
  • 81%: How much digital sales jumped for the quarter.
  • 100%: How much digital sales jumped in March alone — online orders 2X’d.

A techy burrito factory… Chipotle has been turning into one, and the transformation has accelerated while its tables are closed:

  • App Game: Chipotle upgraded its app and promoted its Rewards program, which now has 11.5M members. Daily sign-ups 4X'd in April — 65% of those new loyalists are first-time Chipotleans.
  • Delivery Game: Chipotle partnered with DoorDash, so you can get your tortilla-wrapped barbacoa delivered. In March, it added Uber Eats as a partner and began offering free delivery.
  • Takeout Game: Over a year ago, Chipotle created drive-thru "Chipotlanes" for fast pickup post-mobile order. Nuff said.

A new leader can completely change a company's direction... CEO Brian Niccol (formerly Taco Bell's leader) took Chipotle down a completely different Chipotlane. In the 2 years before he became CEO, Chipotle's stock fell 60%. In the 2 years since, Chipotle is up 246% thanks to Niccol's forward-looking biz moves (shoutout Chipotlanes). Niccol may not be a gourmet foodie, but his digital strategy is coming in clutch.


Not just a phone network… AT&T is a jack of all media and communications trades. It owns pretty much everything, except for your spirit: CNN, HBO, TBS, Warner Bros, DirecTV, and (of course) AT&T wireless are just a few of its many possessions. There's a lot going on. And you know what they say about jacks of all trades...

Master of none?... AT&T's earnings this quarter were not pretty, with sales and profits both declining. The corona-conomy has dealt a triple whammy blow to AT&T's prized media possessions:

  • Cord-cutting: With a bunch of new streaming services coming out + no live sports on cable networks, many are ending their relationship with cable. AT&T's cable biz lost 4M in the past year, and 1M just this quarter.
  • Lost Ad Sales: Ad-pocalypse is hitting all the TV channels, which are losing out on big commercial $$$ as advertisers save instead.
  • No Production: With video production grinding to a halt, AT&T's future TV and movie lineups will have big COVID-19-caused voids.

It's official: cord-cutting has accelerated... Last month, we summarized “accelerating trends” that we predicted would happen in the corona-conomy. AT&T's earnings provide the data confirming that cord cutting is taking off. AT&T has lost 19% of its cable and DirecTV subscribers in the past year. HBO Max, which launches on May 27 for $14.99/month, is AT&T's big streaming hope to offset cable losses.

What else we’re Snackin’

  • Snappy: Snap soars on 44% quarterly sales growth (thank those loud video ads) and 39M new users — it now has 229M daily Snapchatters.
  • Vicky: Victoria Secret's split from L Brands might not happen — the firm which was supposed to take it private is trying to bail (since Vicky closed stores and skipped rent).
  • Ground: Delta has its first quarterly loss after a 10-year streak of annual profits.
  • Reach: Facebook invests a whopping $5.7B to become the biggest minority shareholder in India's largest telecom operator, Reliance Jio Platforms.
  • Shortage: Tyson shuts its Iowa pork plant indefinitely thanks to a COVID-19 outbreak (Smithfield did the same thing last week at its South Dakota plant).

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Over 75% of Disney's 223K employees work for the Parks, Experiences and Products division


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