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Monday, September 12, 2022 by Robinhood Snacks |

Looks like a microwave on wheels… actually a robo burrito delivery (#roburrito). Last week Uber Eats struck a 10-year deal with self-driving startup Nuro to deliver food starting this year. Nuro was the first to score street-legal status for driverless deliveries, and it has deals with Kroger, Walmart, and Domino’s. In June, Grubhub launched autonomous delivery at some colleges. Driverless drop-offs can ease labor shortages and curb emissions. With US online food deliveries set to grow 10% by 2026, self-driving could go mainstream through the kitchen.

This cap's not for wearing… but winter is coming. After Russia’s Gazprom indefinitely shut down natural-gas flows to Europe to compel the West to lift sanctions, Europeans are fearing a worst-case scenario winter energy crisis. Think: scarce supply, sky-high heating costs. Now: the EU proposed a cap on Russian gas prices, the new British PM Liz Truss announced a cap on home and business energy bills, and Germany announced a roughly $65B plan to offset soaring energy costs. The measures are meant to protect taxpayers from massive heating bills.