Paris Hilton launches a virtual Malibu mansion on metagaming site Sandbox as celebs promote digital real estate

Thursday, August 11, 2022 by Robinhood Snacks |

Virtual margs on the meta-roof… that’s hot. Mega-influencer and entrepreneur Paris Hilton has teamed up her media company with metaverse gaming site Sandbox to open a virtual Malibu mansion (trailer here). The Sandbox is a “decentralized virtual world” where users can buy land, browse shops, and attend concerts — all virtually. With 40M+ global downloads, The Sandbox has become a hot spot for celebs to interact with fans:

  • Meta-palace: As part of the launch, fans can buy Paris-inspired NFTs and avatars, and attend virtual rooftop parties with the “OG crypto queen.” Paris’ company says she’s earned $3.5M from NFTs this year.
  • The guest list: Sandbox has 300+ partnerships with big names like Snoop Dogg, DJ Steve Aoki, and mega retailers Gucci and Adidas.
  • FYI: Paris first got into meta-events in December with an interactive "Paris World" on Roblox, which attracted 544K fans.

Digital “For Sale” sign... Metaverse real estate has crumbled during crypto winter, with virtual land prices down 80% in the past six months. Last quarter, The Sandbox’s virtual-land sales hit their lowest level in over a year as IRL inflation tamps digi-splurging. But that hasn’t stopped meta-platforms from sealing deals with brands and celebs.

  • A-listers help The Sandbox engage with its 350K+ monthly users and boost (virtual) property values. ICYMI: someone paid $450K to be Snoop’s meta-neighbor last year.

Celebs are bridging the “phygital” gap… by bringing their real world into the virtual world. These physical-digital partnerships can help celebs and brands earn fresh $$ from new forms of virtual entertainment. Imagine: hitting up Paris’ virtual rooftop DJ set before heading to Snoop’s meta-mansion for the after-party.