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It's on the house SolStock/E+ via GettyImages

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If you're having a rough week, we wish you as much resilience as this cat, which survived a five-story jump from a burning building uninjured — and then just casually walked off.

Stocks ticked up yesterday, while meme stocks surged. About that...


1. The world’s biggest meat supplier shut plants after a major cyber attack — here's what might help

Vegans aren't sweating it... JBS, aka: Earth's largest meat producer, was forced to shut down all of its US beef plants after a cyberattack over the weekend. The ransomware attack halted output at facilities that supply nearly a quarter of America's meat — and some in Australia and Canada. Ransomware = hijacking computer systems and demanding payment for the release of the "hostage." The FBI is blaming a Russia-based hacking group called REvil (classic). JBS' CEO said that most plants would be operating by Wednesday (aka: yesterday).

Niet good... JBS is one of four meat giants that control more than 80% of US beef processing, so this attack is raising national food security alarms. Cyber attacks have been increasingly targeting critical infrastructure. Think: pipelines, power grids, and food production facilities.

  • Since May 2020, there have been 40+ publicly reported ransomware attacks against food companies.
  • Last month: Colonial, the US' largest fuel pipeline, was hit with a crippling ransomware attack. That caused a run on the pumps, since Colonial carries nearly half of the East Coast's gas. Colonial paid $4.4B worth of Bitcoin to reclaim its systems.
  • Last year: ~$350M worth of cryptocurrency payments went to ransomware attacks, up 3X from 2019. "Ransomware-as-a-Service" is a business now. Victims don’t want to lose their data, so they pay up.

This corporate problem may require a government solution... Hackers are seeking payment in Bitcoin, which is hard to trace — and might require sophisticated government intelligence. Plus, each time a company pays a ransom, it encourages more attacks. Experts believe Russia is funding the "ransomware plague." Companies can't pressure Russia to stop — but the government can. President Biden will have plenty to discuss when he meets with Russian president Putin later this month.


The corn is popping... and AMC smells butter. AMC stock nearly doubled yesterday, rallying a whopping 95%. Shares popped so quickly that they triggered four NYSE trading halts — aka: the NYSE temporarily paused trading of AMC stock, because it moved too rapidly outside of its "price band." This year, the stock is up over 3,000%, and AMC now boasts a $28B market cap, up from $500M a year ago.

  • While it's hot: On Tuesday, AMC sold 8.5M new shares for $230M to an investment firm called Mudrick Capital.
  • Not the first time: AMC has sold shares multiple times this year to capitalize on its stock surges and raise cash.

The corn is free... AMC stock closed at a record high yesterday, even while 30% of movie theaters are still closed and some studios are going direct-to-streaming. Retail traders have rallied around the stock, helping AMC avoid pandemic bankruptcy. Now, AMC is turning its individual shareholders into loyalty members:

  • AMC unveiled a new portal on its website, just for retail investors. Shareholders can access exclusive promos, like discounts and invitations to special screenings.
  • A free (large) popcorn is another new perk for AMC retail investors, along with direct communications from CEO Adam Aron.

AMC is catering to the retail investor... 3.2M individual investors own 80% of AMC shares. Now, AMC is taking steps to engage retail shareholders in a way we haven't seen before. In the words of AMC's Aron: "these people are the owners of AMC, and I work for them.” AMC's moves speak to the growing importance of retail investors in the markets.

What else we’re Snackin’

  • Confirmed: Activist firm Engine No. 1 claimed Exxon's third board seat, and could force it to change its oil-focused strategy.
  • Ransom: NYC’s subway operator and Martha’s Vineyard ferry operator were the latest to get hit with cyberattacks.
  • Stim: Sharp declines in financial instability and anxiety coincided with the latest rounds of stimulus payments, according to a new study.
  • Recall: Tesla is recalling hundreds of Model 3s that were shipped to China, following thousands of recalls over the past few months.

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Land O'Lakes CEO Beth Ford was the first openly gay woman to run a Fortune 500 firm


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  • Earnings expected from Lululemon, Broadcom, and DocuSign

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